Five books you should read to better understand Islam


Stereotypes and misconceptions about Muslims in the media are nothing new. In the post-election world, Muslims are finding more sympathizers, many of whom want to assist but know nothing about us. More and more of our fellow citizens are asking questions and seeking solutions. Someone recently asked me on an internet forum what books I would recommend to folks interested in learning about Muslims. I'm glad people want to learn even if I believe meeting Muslims is far more important than reading about them but wading through the multitude of options may be tough and risky. You can Buy Islamic Book For example, if you search for “Muslim” or “Islam” on Kablewala Bangladesh, the number of books that up is alarming.

Whether you're new to reading about Islam or have a lot of experience with Islamic novels, these novels with Islamic themes will present you with a range of perspectives into a vast and complicated faith. I've included both fiction and nonfiction works, particularly by authors with their thoughts. Buy Islamic Book online which will help you to get more knowledge about Islam.

In this blog we will share you 5 Islamic book which will make you better understand about Islam.

No God but God by Reza Aslan

This is an odd pairing regarding Islam's roots. This book is for you if you want to discover how Islam began, what the early Muslims were like, and how the political, cultural, and religious environment evolved as Islam expanded over the world. My favorite aspect of this book is that Aslan writes as a scholar rather than a Muslim, so there is none of the religious zeal that frequently turns off non-Muslims.


The Story of Reason in Islam by Sari Nusseibeh

Nusseibeh exposes readers to the philosophical idea of reason, which he describes as "a methodical and systematic approach to issue analysis." He focuses on the function of reason in the early phases of Islam in particular. Then a narrative forms, one that includes history and language but always centers around reason, both its ascents and ascensions.

Journey into Islam by Akbar S. Ahmed

Islam is a much diversified religion that is represented by numerous groups all over the world. As a result, Ahmed addresses this issue by doing study in all three key Muslim regions: the Middle East, South Asia, and East Asia. This book chronicles his discoveries about the people who live there, how they live, and what they think of the United States.