Voice Recognition Technology Introduce by Kablewala Bangladesh

Kablewala Bangladesh introduces voice recognition system Voice Recognition Technology is becoming a popular tool of Kablewala Bangladesh. This technology makes our work in a lesser time than ever. It generally produces words as fast as they are spoken, which is generally much faster than a person can type. As we have noticed that most of the queries in...


Energypac Electronics Ltd and Kablewala Bangladesh has signed an agreement

Kablewala Bangladesh is proud be working with Energypack Electronics Ltd An agreement ceremony was held between Energypac Electronic Ltd ( https://www.energypacelectronics.com /) and Kablewala Bangladesh ( https://www.kablewala.com.bd/ ) on 24th December 2018 in Kablewala Bangladesh office. Both signed a memorandum of understanding that...


Tech can't solve everything in global e-commerce

The international payments infrastructure has reached a point where consumers can use their cards in many parts of the world as easily as they can in their own country. But finding retailers who can accept all of these cards is a completely different story. That’s because acquirers that want to enable merchants to accept cross-border payments encounter...


KABLEWALA - face of modern e-commerce

KABLEWALA Bangladesh We are an multi-discipline & e-commerce company. We facilities small to big businesses to sell to customers all over the world, and one can find almost anything for sale. It is more accurately compared to eBay, as sellers are independent, using our marketplace as a host to sell to consumers and other businesses. We, KABLEWALA...


e-Commerce - the in thing

E-commerce is becoming popular in Bangladesh. With better access, coverage and an ever-growing internet population, the prospect for e-Commerce is bright. There are also challenges. A discussion on the pros and cons of e-commerce in Bangladesh is a timely debate. What is e-Commerce? e-Commerce is more than just purchasing and offering things over the...


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