Voice Recognition Technology Introduce by Kablewala Bangladesh


Kablewala Bangladesh introduces voice recognition system

Voice Recognition Technology

is becoming a popular tool of Kablewala Bangladesh. This technology makes our work in a lesser time than ever. It generally produces words as fast as they are spoken, which is generally much faster than a person can type.
As we have noticed that most of the queries in a mobile are "Voice Search". More and more voice-activated devices are hitting the market, and voice technology is continuing to mature. To provide one step ahead platform support and service to our client with the functionality to search based on voice, "Kablewala Voice Search" is used.
This remarkable feature allows our customer to search anything on the website just by speaking on microphone instead of typing keywords manually. Hence, this system has a voice recognition system that recognizes the customer's voice and converts it into the text in the search box. Therefore this makes the search easier and faster.

Voice Recognition Technology
Kablewala Bangladesh Voice Search Features:
Recognize the customer's voice and type in the search box.
Searches the results related to the keyword in the search box.
Saves customer's time as they don't have to type keywords manually.
Speaker button is visible on the search box to speak a keyword.
Support multiple languages.
For any query or issue please create us: support@kablewala.com.bd