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Product Description: Product Type: Body Lotion Target Area:Body Whitening Body Lotion  Gender: Unisex Skin  Skin Type: All Skin Good Quality Product Having Good results Available in 250ml packing Made in Pakistan Biocos Body lotion keeps your skin healthier and radiant glow
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Product Description: Product Type: Face Wash Capacity: 50ml Brand: YC Gender: Unisex Cleanses deeply for a fair and glowing skin Washes away dead skin cells to uncover bright skin cells Made in Thailand. An extra nourishing face wash, specially formulated to moisture your skin,...
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Product Description: Product Type: Chondon Lotion Whitening Lotion Capacity: 75ml Mango extract 100% Organic for face Ideal for an additive for any face pack Country of Origin: Myanmar Extra moisturizing and soothing effects Made in Myanmar
Product Description: Product Type : Moisturizers and Cream Natural appearance by making up to 5 sheds Reduces the appearance of the age Removes any skin spots Skin moisturizing Dark Circle Removal Tighten the skin Remove acne and acne scars About Cream: Reduce the age of your look...
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Product Description: Product Type: Cream Helps to brighten your skin within 7 days Saffron helps to lighten, hydrate & soften the skin Facial spot exterminate Armpit & groin speckles eliminate Wrinkles & sunlight proof removed Whitening & proven effective The gentle formula suit...
Product Description: Product Type: VC injection Place of Origin: China Composition: Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 2ml V-C is pure vitamin C for apply external on the skin only V-C helpful for the skin whitening and brightening skin smooth and clear Applicable for all skin types
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Product Description: Product Type: Serum Helps to remove dirt, sebum and fights blackheads. Anti Blemish Vitamin E in it treats skin damage Queen of beauty creams Safest & Effective Brings you skin brightening, anti-ageing, radiance and glow About Whitening Serum: Biocus Emergency...
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Product Description: Product Type: Acne Serum Remove acne Clear blocked pores Dissolving dirt and grease Replenish nutrition moisture Regulate PH value Effectively safeguarding injured skin Balance oil secretion Removal of pock Skin Problem Remedy Whitening About Serum Mild...
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Product Description: Product Type:Emergency Whitening Cream Helps to remove dirt, sebum and fights blackheads. Anti Blemish Vitamin E in it treats skin damage Queen of beauty creams Safest & Effective Brings you skin brightening, anti-ageing, radiance and glow About Whitening Cream:...
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Product Description: Product Type: Lip Balm For healthy looking lips Instantly softens and soothers dry lips Locks in moisture so lips feel better over time Made with pure petrolatum jelly and rich cocoa butter Relieves dry, dull and cracked lips, while locking in moisture to help them...
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Product Description: Product Type: Night Cream Brand New Product Brand: DUE High Quality Product Easy to Use 100% Original product About Whitening Beauty Cream The Whitening Beauty Cream was launched with a superior whitening formulation that provides freedom to live life to...
Product Description: Product Type: Treatment & Mask Brand Name: BIOAOUA Feature: Whitening,Moisturizing,Oil-control,Depth Replenishment Ingredient:collagen Type:Wrapped Mask Gender:Female Use:Whole Face NET WT: 30g Country/Region of Manufacture:China Formulation:Gel
Product Description: Product Type: Peel Of Mask Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Mask Improving the blood circulation of your face by this mask Help to keep your face smoother and tender Cleaning out of dirt and cuticle effectively on face This great blackhead remover helps to remove...
Product Description: Product Type: Soothing Gel Gender: Women Capacity: 279 ml High Quality Made in Korea
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Product Description: Product Type: cream Capacity: 20gm Country of Origin: Barma Reduce brown marks Removes spot No side effect Qianli Spot Cream A hard and fast rule if you want good skin anyway, but important nonetheless to remember when suffering from spots. If you 'dry' the top...
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Product Description: Product Type: Moisturizer Efficacy light and moist, fit skin well, brighten skin Cover face defects, make skin flawless Crystal clear skin Build natural makeup easily BIOAQUA cream effect toning instant new face cream vitamins complex repair skin care day creams...
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Product Description: Product Type: Scrub Unscrew cap & remove security seal before use Moisten the face with water and dispense the product onto the fingertips Using circular motions, gently massage the scrub over the face, avoiding the delicate eye areas Rinse well with clean warm water...
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Product Description: Product Type: Cream Use: Face Gender: Unisex Ingredient: Herbal Feature: Acne Treatment Suit For: Acne, Pimple,Acne Scar,Dark Skin Day Creams & Moisturizers: Acne Scars Cream Face Cream: Anti Acne Removal Gel Suit for: All Type of Skin NET WT: 30g Effect:...
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Product Description: Product Type: Whitening Cream Capacity: 20gm Form: Cream Ingredient: Herbal Origin: Pakistan 100% Original Product Removes Marks,Acne, Wrinkles, Pimples and Dark Spots
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Product Description: Product Type: Oil 100% Pure Anti Fungal Anti Bacteria and Septic Anti Viral and Inflammation Kind to Skin Developed in the UK
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Product Description: Product Type: Moisturizers and Cream Deep moisturizing Oily skin can be used Easy to absorb Balance hormone secretion It is ideal for tight skin Summer can be used as a sun repair fluid Winter can be a replenishment moisturizing cream Moisturizer for face and body...

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