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Universal 8-32mm Multi-function Quick Snap & Grip Wrenches Set
Save 26%
3.7V BL-5C Nokia Battery
Save 32%
Tk.220.00 Tk.150.00
You save: Tk.70.00
CP2102 USB to Serial (CP2102-TTL) Module
Save 4%
Tk.250.00 Tk.240.00
You save: Tk.10.00
Universal LED/LCD TV Controller Driver's All-in-One Remote
Save 36%
Tk.250.00 Tk.160.00
You save: Tk.90.00
2GT-158 Gt2 Timing Belt (Size 158mm)
Save 16%
Tk.149.00 Tk.125.00
You save: Tk.24.00
Portable USB Powered Mini 5V 8W Soldering Iron With LED Indicator
Save 18%
RGB WS2811 DC 5V 50Pcs Full Color Digital Addressable Pixels LED String
Save 6%
Gt2 Idler Timing Pulley 60 Tooth Aluminum Wheel (Hole Diameter 5mm)
Save 10%
F1976-744E Portable Electronic Hanging Weight Scale 0-50KG
Save 41%
Tk.750.00 Tk.440.00
You save: Tk.310.00
5 in 1 Multi Function Compact Screw Driver for Mobile & Micro Electronics Modules
Save 40%
32 In 1 Multipurpose Precision Screwdriver Set Disassemble Electronic Repair Hand Tool
Save 37%
4 inch Flap Grinding Wheel/ Disc (5 Pieces)
Save 14%
Tk.220.00 Tk.190.00
You save: Tk.30.00
Wireless Mouse Come Remote Control for Raspberry Pi / PC / Laptop / Notebook
Save 26%
250V 10A Rewireable IEC BX-09 BX-10 Male Female Inline Socket & Plug Connector
Save 38%
Male to Male Jumper Wires
Save 68%
Tk.190.00 Tk.60.00
You save: Tk.130.00
TE842 6-24V to 5V 3A Car, Bike USB Charger Module DC Buck step down Converter
Save 24%
225mm Spirit Level Magnetic Torpedo 3 Bubble Measuring Tool
Save 20%
Tk.220.00 Tk.177.00
You save: Tk.43.00
1 Channel 5V 10A Relay Module
Save 47%
Tk.150.00 Tk.80.00
You save: Tk.70.00
2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Touchpad With RGB Back Light
Save 47%
Sports Stereo Bluetooth Headphone
Save 36%
Tk.250.00 Tk.160.00
You save: Tk.90.00
Rubber Hand Gloves For Universal Use
Save 54%
Tk.350.00 Tk.160.00
You save: Tk.190.00
Soil Humidity Moisture Detection Sensor Module
Save 40%
Tk.300.00 Tk.180.00
You save: Tk.120.00
Prop Adapter Holder For A2212 Brushless Motor
Save 40%
Tk.250.00 Tk.150.00
You save: Tk.100.00
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