Electronics Week

Philips Mixer Grinder HL1643/00
Save 8%
Tk.7,839.00 Tk.7,212.00
You save: Tk.627.00
Havells Jio Dry Iron 1000W Non Stick Coating
Save 8%
Tk.1,830.00 Tk.1,684.00
You save: Tk.146.00
Philips Coffee Maker HD7431/20
Save 8%
Tk.5,236.00 Tk.4,817.00
You save: Tk.419.00
Philips Mixer Grinder HL7555/00
Save 8%
Tk.7,234.00 Tk.6,655.00
You save: Tk.579.00
Philips HD2582/00 830 W Pop Up Toaster  (White)
Save 8%
Tk.4,600.00 Tk.4,232.00
You save: Tk.368.00
Save 11%
Tk.67,000.00 Tk.59,375.00
You save: Tk.7,625.00
Save 11%
Tk.51,000.00 Tk.45,196.00
You save: Tk.5,804.00
Imilab Smart Watch W12 Global Version - Black
Save 8%
Tk.3,590.00 Tk.3,299.00
You save: Tk.291.00
Kemei KM-3909 Professional Hair Clipper & Trimmer
Save 60%
Tk.2,499.00 Tk.999.00
You save: Tk.1,500.00
Sharp Inverter Refrigerator-SJ-EX315E-SL.
Save 10%
Tk.65,900.00 Tk.59,121.00
You save: Tk.6,779.00
Philips MG3730/15 8 In 1 Hair Clipper & Face Multigroomer Trimmer
Save 38%
Tk.5,999.00 Tk.3,699.00
You save: Tk.2,300.00
Kemei Rechargeable km-600 Multi-functional 11 in 1 Grooming Kit Shaver & Trimmer
Save 40%
Sharp 1.0 Ton AC-AH-A12PEV.
Save 16%
Tk.46,900.00 Tk.39,381.00
You save: Tk.7,519.00
KM-550 Kemei 8 in 1 Rechargeable Hair Trimmer
Save 29%
Tk.2,799.00 Tk.1,999.00
You save: Tk.800.00
Sharp 42Inch Smart Full-HD LED TV
Save 11%
Tk.48,900.00 Tk.43,428.00
You save: Tk.5,472.00
Kemei KM-5017 Rechargeable Electric Hair Trimmer
Save 46%
Tk.1,899.00 Tk.1,030.00
You save: Tk.869.00
Mitsubishi Heavy Duty 2.0 Ton AC-SRK-24CS-S.
Save 15%
Tk.110,900.00 Tk.94,653.00
You save: Tk.16,247.00
Saachi NL-TM-1356 Beard Trimmer & Hair Clipper
Save 16%
Tk.2,000.00 Tk.1,680.00
You save: Tk.320.00
Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX585P-BK
Save 4%
Tk.107,900.00 Tk.103,536.00
You save: Tk.4,364.00
Panasonic ER-GN30-K Washable Nose Ear Facial Hair Eyebrows Trimmer
Save 28%
Tk.2,499.00 Tk.1,799.00
You save: Tk.700.00
Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX455P-BK
Save 8%
Tk.101,000.00 Tk.92,778.00
You save: Tk.8,222.00
Power Bank Teutons Tudela PD+QC 10000mAh Energy Station 18w Output- Black
Save 5%
Gamdias ZEUS E2 RGB Gaming Mouse
Save 8%
Tk.1,200.00 Tk.1,099.00
You save: Tk.101.00
Gamdias HEBE M2 RGB 7.1 Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset
Save 5%
Tk.3,900.00 Tk.3,699.00
You save: Tk.201.00
Philips Air Fryer HD9270
Save 2%
Tk.24,075.00 Tk.23,675.00
You save: Tk.400.00
Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX345E-SL
Save 8%
Tk.72,900.00 Tk.67,017.00
You save: Tk.5,883.00
Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX545P
Save 5%
Tk.103,900.00 Tk.98,601.00
You save: Tk.5,299.00
Danaaz Freezer DZCF-208-PW
Save 9%
Tk.39,900.00 Tk.36,420.00
You save: Tk.3,480.00
Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX285E-SL
Save 11%
Tk.62,900.00 Tk.56,160.00
You save: Tk.6,740.00
Danaaz Freezer DZCF-152-PW
Save 9%
Tk.33,900.00 Tk.30,893.00
You save: Tk.3,007.00
KM-6330 3 in 1 Grooming Kit
Save 38%
Tk.1,599.00 Tk.999.00
You save: Tk.600.00
Philips BT1230 Cordless Trimmer
Save 47%
Tk.2,599.00 Tk.1,380.00
You save: Tk.1,219.00
Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX495P-BK
Save 5%
Tk.103,900.00 Tk.98,601.00
You save: Tk.5,299.00
Gamdias ZEUS E3 Gaming Mouse with NYX E1 Gaming Mouse Mat Combo
Save 8%
Tk.1,200.00 Tk.1,099.00
You save: Tk.101.00
Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse
Save 3%
Tk.3,574.00 Tk.3,449.00
You save: Tk.125.00
Logitech C270 Webcam
Save 9%
Tk.3,024.00 Tk.2,749.00
You save: Tk.275.00
Xiaomi Mi 4C R4AM / R4CM Wireless Router
Save 9%
Gamdias Zeus M3 RGB Gaming Mouse with NYX E1 Gaming Mouse Mat Combo
Save 9%
Philips Induction Cooker HD4929
Save 8%
Tk.6,650.00 Tk.6,118.00
You save: Tk.532.00
Baseus 10000mAh Esazi Series PD Power Bank
Save 9%
Tk.1,374.00 Tk.1,249.00
You save: Tk.125.00
Philips Straightener HP8303/06
Save 8%
Tk.3,000.00 Tk.2,760.00
You save: Tk.240.00
1MORE Omthing Airfree EO002BT TWS Bluetooth Earphones
Save 12%
Tk.2,300.00 Tk.2,016.00
You save: Tk.284.00
Havit Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Save 9%
Tk.1,099.00 Tk.999.00
You save: Tk.100.00
Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-CL575
Save 3%
Tk.15,000.00 Tk.14,600.00
You save: Tk.400.00
Sharp Freezer SJC-528-GY
Save 5%
Tk.69,900.00 Tk.66,129.00
You save: Tk.3,771.00
Gamdias HEBE E3 RGB Wired Gaming Headset
Save 9%
Tk.2,350.00 Tk.2,149.00
You save: Tk.201.00
Remax CK100 Mobile Recording Studio
Save 9%
Tk.1,099.00 Tk.999.00
You save: Tk.100.00
Gamdias EROS E3 RGB Gaming Headphone
Save 13%
Tk.1,900.00 Tk.1,649.00
You save: Tk.251.00
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