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Product Description: Product Types:NIGHT EYE LED HEADLIGHTS Easy installation: Plug-N-Play IP68 Weatherproof and shockproof standard Bulb Socket: H4 Color Temperature: 3000K,6500K,8000K Wattage: 30W Lumen: 5000Lm Illumination: 1500Lux Work Voltage(V): DC12V-24V Waterproof Rate: IP68...
Product Description: Product Types:CREE LED A7 All-in-one design. Not only Perfect workmanship, Military standard but also high end competitive products. Ultra brightness. Finally 10X More Light Low Beam 40 Watt 8000 Lumens High Beam 40 Watt 8000 Lumens Tailor made LED made with CREE...
Product Description: Product Types:Pacific LED light Motorcycle Light Material: Aluminum Color: Black Shell True Fog with Hot Signature Low power consumption, no maintenance, environmental protection Super Bright Easy installation Have lens cover Good waterproof and dust proof effect...

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