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Product Description: Product Types: KOVIX Security Disc Lock Hydraulic Lock Color: Silver Anti-theft SS Material Unique design lock body Stainless key barrel Solid stainless steel 100% preventing rust Strong paint finishing Without alarm The Kovix Security Disc Lock has a...
Product Description: Product Types:HONDA Security Alarm System 2-Way Alarm Ultra Long Distance Remote Immobilizer Silent Mode Alarm Anti-crack wireless encoding Different Alarm Tones in Accordance to theft Mode Adjustable tenor Sensibility Automatic Alarm Remote Electrical Starter...
From the offset, XENA has been guided by one overriding principle: intelligent security. XENA has introduced a number of firsts to the business of lock design & changed the way motorcyclists secure their bikes. Constant innovation has seen XENA amass the largest range of SoldSecure Gold,...
Product Description: Product Types: Oxford/Kovix Disk Lock Oxford Disk Lock Color: Orange and Black Size: Standard Anti-theft 100% acid proof This lock is a small compact disc lock that fits with all motorcycles and scooters. The compact design means that it will fit most Vespa...
Product Description: Product Types:U Shape Bike Lock Red Color: Red & Black Brand: Njm  Size: Medium 6.5"  Anti-theft SS  Material 600GM  Double Key It's a Cinch to Use Check out the images below to see the lock in action The lock opens out like a crab claw The 'claw' has two grips...
Product Description: Product Types: SXP Motor Cycle Hydrolik Lock Model: RED STAR LOCK Color: Red Star Lock Hydrolik Lock Size: Nill Brand: SXP Hydrolik Lock This is a special hydraulic for your bike. It has so many unique features rather than ordinary locks. It has a dual pin with...
Product Description: Product Types:HIGH SECURITY DISC LOCK HIGH SECURITY DISC LOCK Material:Stainless steel Surface Treatment:Polished Stainless EASY LOCK/UNLOCK SYSTEM DUAL KEY
Product Description: Product Types:Cycling Security Digital Combination Password KEYLESS SECURE LOCK MECHANISM: Advanced 5-digit combination lock, allowing up to 100,000 possible codes making it nearly impossible to crack. Key less convenience STRONG CUT-RESISTANCE STEEL CABLE: Made with...
Product Description: Product Types:Remote Cover Material: Leather Color: Black Size: Standard
Product Description: Product Types: Fingerprint Lock Control Your Precious bike now by your own fingerprint The device can be installed on the bike in two ways. Only the wiring of the device will be different. The features of the two methods are shown below. You can use this device on any...

Fatema Automobiles have good quality products and variation too. It is a local vendor. It provides latest, Stylish and quality products. You can choose anything you need from h...

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