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1MORE Omthing Airfree EO002BT TWS Bluetooth Earphones
Save 12%
Tk.2,300.00 Tk.2,016.00
You save: Tk.284.00
1MORE Omthing EO005 AirFree Pods True Wireless Earbuds TWS Bluetooth 5.0
Save 7%
Children Playing Pat Drums and Piano Along with Lighting Quickly Learned to Play The Song
Save 19%
Haylou RT2 LS10 Smart Watch
Save 11%
Tk.3,950.00 Tk.3,500.00
You save: Tk.450.00
1MORE E1009 Piston Fit In-Ear Headphone
Save 26%
Tk.720.00 Tk.530.00
You save: Tk.190.00
Aigo T98 Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Smart Speaker
Save 10%
Tk.820.00 Tk.739.00
You save: Tk.81.00
Haylou  RS4 Plus- LS11 Smart Watch
Save 9%
Tk.5,490.00 Tk.4,999.00
You save: Tk.491.00
Enchen Boost Electric Hair Clipper (Global)
Save 8%
Tk.1,300.00 Tk.1,199.00
You save: Tk.101.00
1More Omthing Earbuds EO008 Lace Neckband Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Save 20%
QCY T13 Bluetooth V5.1 Headphone Wireless TWS Earphone Touch Control Earbuds
Save 11%
Enchen Blackstone 3D Electric Rotary Shaver Trimmer (Global)
Save 6%
Tk.1,280.00 Tk.1,199.00
You save: Tk.81.00
Haylou GST LS09B Smart Watch (Global Version)
Save 10%
Tk.2,990.00 Tk.2,690.00
You save: Tk.300.00
Haylou LS02 Smart Watch
Save 10%
Tk.2,450.00 Tk.2,199.00
You save: Tk.251.00
Mibro Lite Smart Watch
Save 10%
Tk.3,650.00 Tk.3,270.00
You save: Tk.380.00
Bull 6 Sockets, 1 Switch Circuit Breaker 1.8 mtr Extension Board
Save 15%
Xiaomi Mibro Lite XPAW004 Smart Watch
Save 7%
Tk.3,990.00 Tk.3,730.00
You save: Tk.260.00
Haylou GT7 True Wireless Earbuds (Black)
Save 8%
Tk.1,890.00 Tk.1,730.00
You save: Tk.160.00
1MORE E1009 Piston Fit In-Earphone
Save 18%
Tk.670.00 Tk.549.00
You save: Tk.121.00
QCY HT05 TWS Earphones With Bluetooth 5.2
Save 11%
Tk.2,930.00 Tk.2,620.00
You save: Tk.310.00
Mibro A1 Smart Watch
Save 8%
Tk.2,850.00 Tk.2,621.00
You save: Tk.229.00
Mibro X1 Smart Watch
Save 7%
Tk.4,650.00 Tk.4,312.00
You save: Tk.338.00
Enchen Air Hair Dryer Basic Version
Save 8%
Tk.1,550.00 Tk.1,420.00
You save: Tk.130.00
Haylou GST-LS09A Smart Watch
Save 7%
Tk.2,890.00 Tk.2,699.00
You save: Tk.191.00
1MORE EC302 Piston Buds Pro True Wireless Earbuds
Save 6%
Tk.4,350.00 Tk.4,099.00
You save: Tk.251.00
Xiaomi Enchen Sharp R&X Mens Rechargeable Hair Clipper
Save 6%
Tk.1,400.00 Tk.1,310.00
You save: Tk.90.00
1More ESS3001T ComfoBuds True Wireless Earbuds  Black
Save 5%
Tk.3,500.00 Tk.3,338.00
You save: Tk.162.00
Haylou GT6 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Save 8%
Tk.1,800.00 Tk.1,650.00
You save: Tk.150.00
Lenovo HE05 Neckband Bluetooth Earphone
Save 15%
Tk.590.00 Tk.499.00
You save: Tk.91.00
QCY T18 MeloBuds Truly Wireless Earbuds 30H Playtime
Save 12%
Tk.2,850.00 Tk.2,500.00
You save: Tk.350.00
Xiaomi Mibro Color Smart Watch with SPO2 (Global Version)
Save 23%
Tk.3,630.00 Tk.2,789.00
You save: Tk.841.00
Haylou T33 (Moripods) TWS Bluetooth Earbuds, Color: Blue
Save 14%
Tk.2,400.00 Tk.2,070.00
You save: Tk.330.00
Haylou RS4-LS12 Smart Watch
Save 12%
Tk.4,190.00 Tk.3,670.00
You save: Tk.520.00
Haylou GT5 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Save 6%
Tk.1,900.00 Tk.1,780.00
You save: Tk.120.00
Haylou T33 (Moripods) TWS Bluetooth Earbuds, Color: White
Save 9%
Tk.2,400.00 Tk.2,185.00
You save: Tk.215.00
1MORE ESS6001T ColorBuds True Wireless In-Ear Headphones (Midnight Black)
Save 6%
1More Omthing E-Joy Smart Watch Plus WOD003 (New Version)
Save 12%
Tk.3,000.00 Tk.2,650.00
You save: Tk.350.00
Haylou W1 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds, Color: Blue
Save 10%
Tk.3,150.00 Tk.2,850.00
You save: Tk.300.00
Lenovo S2 Pro Smart Watch
Save 13%
Tk.3,300.00 Tk.2,856.00
You save: Tk.444.00
Haylou RS3-LS04 Smart Watch
Save 6%
Tk.4,500.00 Tk.4,249.00
You save: Tk.251.00
1More ECS3001T True Wireless In- Ear Headphone
Save 7%
Tk.2,650.00 Tk.2,464.00
You save: Tk.186.00
Haylou GT1 pro TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Save 10%
Tk.1,750.00 Tk.1,580.00
You save: Tk.170.00
QCY T19 TWS Ultra-Low Latency Earbuds (Black)
Save 10%
Tk.1,990.00 Tk.1,800.00
You save: Tk.190.00
QCY T17S Wireless Bluetooth Headset IPX4 Waterproof Earbuds, Color: White
Save 11%
Tk.2,300.00 Tk.2,050.00
You save: Tk.250.00
Haylou T78 Moripods ANC Earbuds
Save 7%
Tk.2,900.00 Tk.2,710.00
You save: Tk.190.00
Enchen Aurora T+ Sonic Electric Toothbrush IPX7 Level Waterproof Rechargeable Sensitive
Save 7%
Lenovo HQ08 TWS Gaming Dual Earbuds Black
Save 14%
Tk.1,969.00 Tk.1,690.00
You save: Tk.279.00
Xiaomi Enchen Mint Green Electric Toothbrush
Save 8%
Tk.1,180.00 Tk.1,080.00
You save: Tk.100.00
Haylou W1 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds, Color: White
Save 8%
Tk.3,150.00 Tk.2,890.00
You save: Tk.260.00
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