KABLEWALA Bangladesh is awarded with e-commerce movers award!

It is our immense pleasure to announce that KABLEWALA Bangladesh has been awarded "E-Commerce movers award" by  E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh , ministry of trade and ministry of IT for an overall contribution during Covid-19. The award was officially given on 8th November by the State Minister for ICT Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak , MP...


Best Laptop Backpacks for Students in 2021

As an undergrad, there's high possibility you'll be adhered running to and from classes the entire day. That is the reason a good backpack is mandatory — you need some place to stash your note pads, pens, books, and laptop. Since your secondary school backpack is most likely due for an update, it's an ideal opportunity to put resources into...


10 Stylish Ways to Wear Shorts This Summer

SHORT! SEASON! Regardless of whether you're hauling those old ones out from the rear of your wardrobe or going out on the town to shop for some stylish ones, there are a million different ways to wear them. Summer doesn't appear as though summer until individuals turn out in shorts and slingers. Summer is denim shorts season. The warmth drains such a...


Ways To Make This Eid Special For Your Family

For various Muslim families, Eid is just a twice-yearly schedule that doesn't change: get up, pray Fajr, have breakfast, embrace Eid Mubarak, get back home, possibly go out, perhaps have individuals over, eat, eat, eat, get gifts or Eid money, eat and rest. The most significant method of making Eid important for your youngsters is to spend it all...


The Top 8 Skincare Swaps You Need to Make for Winter

The temperature has dropped and your skin's versatility has also. For half of us on this globe, this winter has been an exceptional change in moistness levels, introduction to indoor warms, and brutal breezes that make skin drier and more blunt. The manifestations? Countenances are feeling tight, irritated, and teased. Lips have gone all out dried out...


Is it Safe to Order Online During the Lockdown?

As Bangladesh's lockdown stretches out from its underlying period to 30 May, Most of the Bangladeshis are remaining at home to smooth the bend. Rather than venturing out for just basics individuals are depending on online entrances which will conveyed them the items. The demand for online deliveries may place tension on product buyers, makers...


Five Tips for Safe Online Shopping During Lockdown

COVID-19 lockdowns have constrained individuals inside and lifts to an effectively flourishing on the web economy. One of the primary ways individuals are reacting to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic is by changing their shopping propensities. However, what began with stores battling to stock their racks is currently moving to online shopping. ...


Why People Love To Shop At KableWala?

Kablewala: Kablewala Bangladesh Corporation, a worldwide multi-discipline and internet business organization. We encourage little to enormous organizations to offer items to the clients both Nationally and Globally, one can discover nearly everything here. It is all the more precisely contrasted with eBay or Amazon, as venders are autonomous,...


Know The Culture , Hold The Pride

Bangladesh is a land of different culture . A lot of festivals are held in this country around the year. That's what makes it so mesmerizing and attractive to people around the world. Among these festivals, ‘Pahela Baishakh’ is the most prominent common festival. It is celebrated on the first day of Bengali New Year. In Bengali word “Pahela” means...


Do Women Deserve a Standing Ovation on this Special Day?

We just can’t deny the fact that, all the great people of the world are born from the womb of a woman and it is a woman from whom those great people have taken their initial teachings. This is one of the most vital reasons for what we should have to emphasize upon giving the due respect to women. The angel makes our journey more beautiful in a form of a...

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