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Air Blower Dust Cleaning Machine
Save 10%
Tk.1,111.00 Tk.999.00
You save: Tk.112.00
TOLSEN Rotary Hammer Drill 800W 26mm Industrial FX Series 79511
Save 19%
Tk.5,700.00 Tk.4,600.00
You save: Tk.1,100.00
TOLSEN 14Pcs Combination Spanner Set (6,7,8,10,12,13,14,17,19,22,24,27,30,32mm) 15160
Save 6%
Submersible Water Pump AC220-240V, 18 Watt
Save 5%
Tk.1,000.00 Tk.950.00
You save: Tk.50.00
TOLSEN 36pcs Allen Hex Key Set (Inches & Metric) Black Finish 20094
Save 19%
TOLSEN Combination Pliers (8") 200mm Industrial GRIPro Series 10017
Save 3%
TOLSEN Industrial Multi-Function Grease Gun (500g - 8500PSI) with Connector Hand Lever 65200
Save 20%
TOLSEN 41pcs Bit & Ratchet Socket Set w/ Quick Change T-Handle 20036
Save 3%
TOLSEN Folding Utility Knife Quick Release with 5pcs Blade (61x19mm) Box Cutter 30007
Save 2%
TOLSEN (16X17mm) Double Ring Spanner Wrench Cr-V 15068
Save 19%
Tk.340.00 Tk.275.00
You save: Tk.65.00
TOLSEN Hammer Drill 710W 13mm Industrial FX Series 79502
Save 14%
Tk.2,500.00 Tk.2,150.00
You save: Tk.350.00
TOLSEN Ball Pein Hammer (16 OZ) Fiberglass Handle 25022
Save 2%
Tk.500.00 Tk.490.00
You save: Tk.10.00
Ez Jet Water Cannon 8 In 1 Water Spray Gun Pressure Washer
Save 38%
Tk.800.00 Tk.499.00
You save: Tk.301.00
TOLSEN 4pcs Screwdriver Set Comfortable Grip (Philips & Flat) TPR Handle 20015
Save 11%
TOLSEN 10pcs Mini Hacksaw Blade (6"x1/2"x24T) Industrial Grade 30060
Save 2%
TOLSEN 9pcs Long Arm Hex Key Set Allen Wrench (1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm) 20048
Save 10%
TOLSEN Metal Sheet Cutter Aviation Snips Straight (250mm, 10") 30022
Save 3%
High Pressure Flow Water Pump
Save 15%
Tk.1,300.00 Tk.1,100.00
You save: Tk.200.00
TOLSEN Hand Saw (400mm, 16?) 7 TPI TPR Handle 31070
Save 2%
Tk.410.00 Tk.400.00
You save: Tk.10.00
TOLSEN Slotted Flat Screwdriver (6.5 x 150mm) GriPro Series 20004
Save 14%
Garden Hose Pipe 100ft Magic Hose Expandable Stretch Hosepipe with Spray Gun
Save 50%
TOLSEN Pipe Wrench (300mm, 12") 10233
Save 4%
Tk.550.00 Tk.530.00
You save: Tk.20.00
TOLSEN 27PCS Steel Letter Punch Stamp Set (3mm) 25101
Save 2%
Tk.550.00 Tk.539.00
You save: Tk.11.00
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