Massage & Relaxation

Dolphin Infrared Body Massager
Save 33%
Tk.1,888.00 Tk.1,269.00
You save: Tk.619.00
Magic Massage Pillow
Save 25%
Tk.1,750.00 Tk.1,310.00
You save: Tk.440.00
Multifunctional Cleaning Instrument
Save 8%
Tk.980.00 Tk.900.00
You save: Tk.80.00
Manipol Complete Body Massager
Save 13%
Tk.1,600.00 Tk.1,400.00
You save: Tk.200.00
Massager Pillow
Save 14%
Tk.1,400.00 Tk.1,199.00
You save: Tk.201.00
Foot Massage Slipper
Save 14%
Tk.700.00 Tk.600.00
You save: Tk.100.00
Dolphin Infrared Body Massager
Save 25%
Tk.1,200.00 Tk.900.00
You save: Tk.300.00
Electric Pulse Back And Neck Massager
Save 16%
Tk.1,600.00 Tk.1,350.00
You save: Tk.250.00
3 in 1 Travel Pillow Set
Save 1%
Tk.200.00 Tk.199.00
You save: Tk.1.00
Electric Dolphin Massager Back Massage Hammer Vibration Infrared Stick Roller Cervical
Save 6%
Sauna Solution Massage Belt
Save 5%
Tk.1,235.00 Tk.1,175.00
You save: Tk.60.00
Luyao Foot Massager
Save 4%
Tk.2,785.00 Tk.2,670.00
You save: Tk.115.00
Fw 220 Shiatsu and Kneading Foot Massager - Silver
Save 47%
Tk.2,850.00 Tk.1,500.00
You save: Tk.1,350.00
Foot Massager - Blue
Save 47%
Tk.8,500.00 Tk.4,500.00
You save: Tk.4,000.00
KH3855L- B Foot Massager
Save 36%
Tk.13,300.00 Tk.8,500.00
You save: Tk.4,800.00
Multinational Kneading Foot Massager - Silver
Save 22%
Tk.5,500.00 Tk.4,300.00
You save: Tk.1,200.00
Infrared Foot Massager - Red
Save 38%
Tk.4,800.00 Tk.2,999.00
You save: Tk.1,801.00
Foot Massager - Black
Save 58%
Tk.16,500.00 Tk.7,000.00
You save: Tk.9,500.00
Tractor For Cervical Spin Neck Massage
Save 11%
Tk.885.00 Tk.790.00
You save: Tk.95.00
Neck Massage Pillow  Black
Save 14%
Tk.800.00 Tk.690.00
You save: Tk.110.00
3 in 1 Travel Pillow
Save 66%
Tk.350.00 Tk.120.00
You save: Tk.230.00
(3 In 1) Travel Comfort Neck Pillow  Red
Save 70%
Tk.400.00 Tk.120.00
You save: Tk.280.00
3-Piece Travel Set: Travel Pillow, Eye Mask and Ear Plugs - Black
Save 12%
Modern Sleep U-Shape Memory Foam Travel Pillow, Neck Pillow
Save 32%
Tk.1,100.00 Tk.749.00
You save: Tk.351.00
Imprexo Wsd Multi Utility Travel Kit
Save 40%
Tk.199.00 Tk.120.00
You save: Tk.79.00
3 in 1 Travel Pillow Set Earplug, Eye Cover - Maroon
Save 40%
Tk.199.00 Tk.120.00
You save: Tk.79.00
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