Hair Care & Treatments

Zafran Hair Growth Therapy Oil
Save 22%
Tk.603.00 Tk.473.00
You save: Tk.130.00
Kesh king Ayurvedic Hair Oil
Save 10%
Tk.504.00 Tk.454.00
You save: Tk.50.00
Morfose creamy milk therapy ( Shampoo 1000 ml)
Save 27%
Tk.1,800.00 Tk.1,320.00
You save: Tk.480.00
Straight Professional Ultra Smoothing Masque
Save 8%
WELLS Caster Oil -B.P (2 pieces)
Save 9%
Tk.352.00 Tk.322.00
You save: Tk.30.00
Folipro Hair Nutrition Serum Normal to Thinning Hair (100ml)
Save 6%
Tk.1,490.00 Tk.1,399.00
You save: Tk.91.00
Professional Ultra Smoothing Conditioner
Save 6%
Morfose creamy milk therapy ( mask 500ml)
Save 25%
Tk.1,450.00 Tk.1,090.00
You save: Tk.360.00
OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo
Save 23%
Tk.1,250.00 Tk.959.00
You save: Tk.291.00
Lavender Essential Oil 10ml
Save 15%
Tk.400.00 Tk.340.00
You save: Tk.60.00
Morfose Hair Mask ( Biotin 500ml)
Save 23%
Tk.1,250.00 Tk.960.00
You save: Tk.290.00
Morfose 2 In 1 Hair Shampoo (Keratin 1000ml)
Save 24%
Tk.1,350.00 Tk.1,020.00
You save: Tk.330.00
100% Pure Castor Oil 120ml
Save 15%
Tk.550.00 Tk.467.00
You save: Tk.83.00
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