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Philips Dry Irons GC108/01
Save 15%
Tk.2,760.00 Tk.2,338.00
You save: Tk.422.00
Philips Dry Iron GC101/02
Save 15%
Tk.2,720.00 Tk.2,304.00
You save: Tk.416.00
Philips Dry Iron HI113/28
Save 15%
Tk.2,860.00 Tk.2,422.00
You save: Tk.438.00
Philips Pink and White Steam Iron - GC1920/40
Save 15%
Tk.5,000.00 Tk.4,235.00
You save: Tk.765.00
Philips Super Heavy Duty Dry Iron GC181/80
Save 15%
Tk.3,820.00 Tk.3,236.00
You save: Tk.584.00
Philips GC157/02 1100-Watt Dry Iron
Save 15%
Tk.3,520.00 Tk.2,981.00
You save: Tk.539.00
Philips GC103/02 Dry Iron
Save 15%
Tk.3,000.00 Tk.2,541.00
You save: Tk.459.00
Philips 1000 Watt Dry Iron (HI114/28)
Save 15%
Tk.3,060.00 Tk.2,592.00
You save: Tk.468.00
Philips Iron HD 1134/28
Save 15%
Tk.2,520.00 Tk.2,134.00
You save: Tk.386.00
Philips Steam Iron GC1905/40
Save 15%
Tk.4,650.00 Tk.3,939.00
You save: Tk.711.00
Philips Steam Irons GC1010/40 1200 Watt - Green
Save 15%
Tk.3,600.00 Tk.3,049.00
You save: Tk.551.00
Philips GC104/01 1100-Watt Dry Iron
Save 15%
Tk.3,320.00 Tk.2,812.00
You save: Tk.508.00
32' China Sony LED TV
Save 25%
Tk.12,000.00 Tk.9,000.00
You save: Tk.3,000.00
Nova Fan System Electric Room Heater (NH-1204A White)
Save 9%
Tk.2,250.00 Tk.2,050.00
You save: Tk.200.00
Nova Electric Fan Room Heater 2000 W (NH-1201A White)
Save 8%
Tk.1,900.00 Tk.1,750.00
You save: Tk.150.00
Instant Hot Water Shower  Multicolor  HMS
Save 47%
Tk.1,500.00 Tk.800.00
You save: Tk.700.00
Save 5%
Tk.26,800.00 Tk.25,460.00
You save: Tk.1,340.00
Save 3%
Tk.22,500.00 Tk.21,900.00
You save: Tk.600.00
Orient Retro-T12 12"
Save 13%
Tk.6,300.00 Tk.5,500.00
You save: Tk.800.00
Save 24%
Tk.3,399.00 Tk.2,599.00
You save: Tk.800.00
Orient Exhaust Ventilator DX 8"
Save 15%
Tk.1,700.00 Tk.1,450.00
You save: Tk.250.00
Orient Tornado Pedestal 18"
Save 6%
Tk.7,800.00 Tk.7,300.00
You save: Tk.500.00
Save 15%
Tk.2,760.00 Tk.2,338.00
You save: Tk.422.00
Orient Wall 49 With Remote 16"
Save 15%
Tk.7,000.00 Tk.5,980.00
You save: Tk.1,020.00
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