Water Purifiers & Dispensers

Mini Hand Press Water Dispenser - White and Blue
Save 31%
Tk.550.00 Tk.379.00
You save: Tk.171.00
Saachi Water Dispenser With 16l Refrigerator NL-WD-65R
Save 15%
Tk.16,380.00 Tk.13,860.00
You save: Tk.2,520.00
Saachi Water Dispenser With 16l Refrigerator NL-WD-77R
Save 15%
Tk.17,810.00 Tk.15,070.00
You save: Tk.2,740.00
Panasonic Water Filter - CS10
Save 19%
Tk.6,500.00 Tk.5,280.00
You save: Tk.1,220.00
Panasonic Water Purifier Ro Syster - CS80-DA
Save 11%
Tk.29,900.00 Tk.26,620.00
You save: Tk.3,280.00
Panasonic  UV Water Purifier RO System - CS50-DA
Save 18%
Tk.19,500.00 Tk.15,950.00
You save: Tk.3,550.00
Panasonic Water Purifier (Normal + Hot & Cold) SGM-WD3128TG
Save 13%
Tk.14,500.00 Tk.12,650.00
You save: Tk.1,850.00
Panasonic Water Purifier (Normal + Hot & Cold With Freezer) SDM-WD3320TG
Save 20%
Tk.15,800.00 Tk.12,650.00
You save: Tk.3,150.00
City water Doctor(RO System)
Save 13%
Tk.16,000.00 Tk.13,999.00
You save: Tk.2,001.00
City Gold (RO+Alkalain) Water Purifier
Save 11%
Tk.13,500.00 Tk.11,999.00
You save: Tk.1,501.00
City Gold (RO+Mineral)Water Purifier
Save 14%
Tk.14,000.00 Tk.11,999.00
You save: Tk.2,001.00
City Gold (RO+Mineral+UV)Water Purifier
Save 13%
Tk.16,000.00 Tk.13,999.00
You save: Tk.2,001.00
RO Water Purifier Cartage(PP/GAC/CTO) For 1 Year
Save 17%
Tk.1,800.00 Tk.1,500.00
You save: Tk.300.00
Model :City water purifier  Prime(RO+UV +UF+MF & ph Blance 8 Stage )
Save 35%
Tk.20,000.00 Tk.13,000.00
You save: Tk.7,000.00
Model :City water purifier: Suprem (RO+UV +UF+MF & ph Blance 8 Stage )
Save 30%
Tk.22,000.00 Tk.15,500.00
You save: Tk.6,500.00
Sediment Filter
Save 27%
Tk.150.00 Tk.110.00
You save: Tk.40.00
Granular Active Carbon(GAC)
Save 7%
Tk.300.00 Tk.280.00
You save: Tk.20.00
Activated Block Carbon(CTO)
Save 7%
Tk.300.00 Tk.280.00
You save: Tk.20.00
Save 19%
Tk.36,000.00 Tk.29,000.00
You save: Tk.7,000.00
Save 17%
Tk.17,850.00 Tk.14,900.00
You save: Tk.2,950.00
Lanshan Water Purifier
Save 12%
Tk.16,423.00 Tk.14,500.00
You save: Tk.1,923.00
LSRO-1550-go Water Purifier
Save 8%
Tk.19,500.00 Tk.17,990.00
You save: Tk.1,510.00
Aqua Shine Water Purifier
Save 26%
Tk.12,800.00 Tk.9,500.00
You save: Tk.3,300.00
Eco Fresh Water Purifier
Save 26%
Tk.11,500.00 Tk.8,550.00
You save: Tk.2,950.00
Heron PRO-7 Water Purifier
Save 15%
Tk.20,590.00 Tk.17,500.00
You save: Tk.3,090.00
Heron GRO-200 Water Purifier
Save 10%
Tk.43,000.00 Tk.38,500.00
You save: Tk.4,500.00
Heron Premium Water Purifier
Save 24%
Tk.16,500.00 Tk.12,500.00
You save: Tk.4,000.00
C.C.K QM-86 Water Purifier
Save 10%
Tk.16,500.00 Tk.14,850.00
You save: Tk.1,650.00
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