Do Women Deserve a Standing Ovation on this Special Day?


We just can’t deny the fact that, all the great people of the world are born from the womb of a woman and it is a woman from whom those great people have taken their initial teachings. This is one of the most vital reasons for what we should have to emphasize upon giving the due respect to women. The angel makes our journey more beautiful in a form of a selfless mother, a loving daughter, an endearing sister and a dedicated life-partner as well. Imagining life without a woman will be a whole lot hard-hitting.

If we talk about the women’s capability, the contribution of Miss Belarus Aleksandra Chichikova will steal the spotlight. Miss Belarus Aleksandra Chichikova, the first ever Miss Wheelchair World (held in Warsaw Poland), has become the role model for all the women in the world. She introduced the world to someone who broke all the boundaries of conventional belief of beauty with her confidence and strength.

Salute to all the ladies for playing the most precious role in the world of being a mother, a self-dependent individual, a dedicated homemaker for managing both family life and work life simultaneously, a mentor of their own children and a leader in their own families.

The appropriate reason of cherishing this day lies in appreciating their participation and keeping the commitment of valuing their contribution.

Let’s treat all the women with RESPECT.


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