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Product Description: Product Type : Tea Organic Green tea leaf We let mother nature encourage our teas and herbs while rejuvenating the land, resulting in a refreshingly clean flavor. The aflavins in black tea are powerful antioxidants that are similar in effect to catechist found in green...
Product Description: Product Type: Tea Weight:50 gm 24 Months ( 2 Years) White Tea Leaves are rich source of nutrients and provides good health with the production of organic manner. Kazi & Kazi White Tea Leaves are available at affordable rates To savor the fresh aroma of the white tea,...
Product Description: Product Type: Turmeric Infusion With the goodness of Turmeric, Moringa and Stevia
Product Description: Product Type:Tulsi Tea Organic Black tea leaf & Organic Tulsi leaf Weight:60 gm Tulsi has been the cornerstone of Ayurvedic medicine for over 5000 years. This sacred herb has rich antioxidant and adaptogenic properties Take a cup of boiled water in which place your KK...
Kazi & Kazi Tea  Green 60 gm
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Product Description: Product Type:Green Tea Organic Green tea leaf Weight:60 gm Green tea is made from un fermented leaves and reportedly contains the highest concentration of powerful antioxidants Take a cup of boiled water in which place your KK Green tea bag, steep it for 2 to 3...
Product Description: Product Type:Pristine Black Tea Organic Black Tea leaf Weight:200gm Boil a cup of water up to 80 degree Celsius When the water is boiling add ½ tea spoon of Pristine Black Tea in the water stir it & keep it closed for 5 mins Filtered the infused leaves from liquor...
Product Description: Product Type: Tea The First Flush, when tender leaves unfurl to the warmth of spring, is prize all over the world for its rare freshness and sweetness. Signature Collection, a limited edition from Kazi & Kazi Tea, is for tea connoisseurs like you.                  First...

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